JMS 50 M-Series

Dust Collector

The JMS 50 M-Series is a complete dust collection system, featuring a 250kW Centrifugal Exhaust Fan mounted on a single mobile base to create 50m3/s @ -3.5Pa. Variable air flow control allows the JMS 50 M-Series to be used as a general ventilation machine or can get up close to extraction equipment to provide dust extraction at source.

Power. Diesel | 415 Electric or 1000V | Hybrid

The JMS-50-MHT (Hybrid, Track) and JMS-50-MHSS (Hybrid, Stepping System) uses a Volvo Penta diesel engine that runs the self-propelled tracks or the stepping action and 415V or 1000V powers the 250kW Centrifugal Exhaust Fan, whilst hydraulics are users to power the twin augers and rotary valve discharge system.

The JMS-50-MES (Electric, Skid) uses 415V or 1000V to power the 250kW Centrifugal Exhaust Fan, whilst hydraulics are used to power the twin augers and rotary valve discharge system.

JMS 50-M Stepping System

Mobility. Tracks | Hydraulic Stepping System | Drag Skid.

Grydale hold the patent for manufacturing the only self propelled Dust Collector on the market. Track units offer full mobility with variable speeds between 3-6 k.p.h. to increase the speed and efficiency of operations.

The JMS-50-MHT (Diesel, Track) units are able to move and operate alongside excavation equipment such as road headers, surface miners, profilers and trenchers.

The JMS-50-MHSS (Hybrid, Stepping System) units are able to move forwards / backwards using a hydraulic stepping system. It features four hydraulic legs that lift the unit up, while a pair of skates help to move the unit.

The JMS-50-MES (Electric, Skid) units can be easily moved with a crane using the four lifting lugs or dragged into position using the rigging mounts at the end of the machine.

Units mounted on a drag skids are perfect when dust collection needs are relatively static.

Key Features

  • Air Volume: 50m3/s
  • Air Intakes: Single 1600mm
  • Filters: 60 x Grydale High Efficiency Filters
  • Filter Efficiency: 99.99% at 0.67 micron
  • Centrifugal Fan: 250kW @ -3.5kPa
  • Patented Drop Out Box
  • Dust Discharge: Twin Hydraulic Reversible Augers and Rotary Valves
  • Real Time Emission Monitoring
  • PLC and CANbus System

Dimensions – Hybrid Track Unit

  • Height: 4400mm
  • Width: 4250mm
  • Length: 11850mm
  • Mass: 24T

Dimensions – Hybrid – Hydraulic Stepping System

  • Height: 4000mm
  • Width: 3100mm
  • Length: 13200mm
  • Mass: 22T

Dimensions – Electric 415V – Skid Unit

  • Height: 3900mm
  • Width: 3600mm
  • Length: 11390mm
  • Mass: 16T
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